Parking & Ferrying in Snug Cove, Bowen Island

Posted: Tue Jun 20 22:46:00 UTC 2017

Bowen Island's village centre and ferry dock happen to be in the same place, Snug Cove. When you add cars into the mix, for about five minutes every hour, it can feel like you're in downtown Vancouver, not on a quiet island. With a large summer population and more amenities popping up in Snug Cove (and limited parking), where you're supposed to go and how you're supposed get there can be as clear as mud.

The Bowen Island Municipality has put together a couple of handy guides to help newcomers and old-timers alike: the Ferry Guide, a recent parking flyer, and the Transportation Guide are featured here.

Here's the Ferry Guide: (Click here to see larger PDFs). This is a great little flyer to remind ferry users about line-up etiquette.

Here's the Parking flyer: (Click here to see a larger PDF). This is very handy for visitors too, as often being able to plan ahead where you will park while you shop will take the stress out of heading to the Cove, especially if you happen to arrive during "rush minute" (ferry loading time), or if you're parking for more than two hours.

And here's the Transportation Guide  (Click here to view a larger PDF). Other great options for getting to and around Bowen Island are listed here. Why not take the bus? A taxi? A water taxi? Or two wheels... check out Zoom Zoom Bowen for scooter rentals.

 Bowen Island Municipality parking flyer

Find these and other handy links in regards to transportation on the right sidebar of the Bowen Island Municipality webpage: 

A Bowen Island History Mystery: United by a 100 Year-old Painting

Posted: Wed Mar 29 01:32:00 UTC 2017

In 2005, Jan Stevens established her Bowen Island home as what is now a popular waterfront vacation rental, the Lazy Bowen Hideaway. Her vacation rental business expanded in 2013 after she began to manage additional properties, and that is when Bowen Island Accommodations was created.

The first property owner Jan connected with was Charles McNeill from New York. How she met Charles, the owner of the Eastman Waterfront Retreat and the Eastman Waterfront Cottage, begins with a mysterious antique oil painting that is nearly 100 years old.

In 2006, while Jan was still working as an interior designer in Nevada (her other home turf) a sales rep visited. Eventually, Jan's conversation with Lori Conway progressed to a discussion about Bowen Island and the Lazy Bowen Hideaway.

Bowen Island struck a chord with Lori. She recalled that her Great-Grandfather Thomas Talton Langlois developed property on Bowen Island in the early 1900s. Where on Bowen she didn't know exactly.  Lori brought in some old Langlois photos and Jan recognized the names of these early island settlers, as many Bowen roads had been named after them.

Thomas Talton Langlois  1867- 1937

At this point during their visit, history and eventually mystery came alive when Lori spoke of a Bowen painting that was hanging in her mother's New Mexico home garage. Thomas had so loved Bowen Island that he commissioned a Bowen artist to paint a landscape of his waterfront property, which he named Langlois Bay. The artist, whose name was not known to Lori or her mother, portrayed Thomas' yacht in the distance, the Loalinda. Maybe the landscape would reveal where Thomas had settled on Bowen?

Upon learning that Jan had a connection with Bowen Island, Lori's mom gifted the painting to her. Sight unseen, this piece of historic Bowen art was shipped from New Mexico back home to Bowen. After opening the package, Jan found it to be perfectly suited, and mounted it above her fireplace in the Lazy Bowen Hideaway. It was a picture-perfect focal point to share with her guests.

This painting was also the focal point of two intriguing questions, launching a series of events that soon threaded mystery into Jan's connection with Bowen. The artist was still unknown to her, the signature on the painting unclear. But something else had aroused Jan's curiosity: there is no place on Bowen called Langlois Bay.

Jan and her son Akira were determined to uncover the truth. One summer, they visited all the waterfront viewpoints they could, yet failed to locate a view that matched the Langlois Bay painting. They concluded that the artist had simply considered the best of Bowen and all surrounding views to create the painting.

After returning to Bowen the following summer, Jan's neighbours invited her to a party. Still enveloped by thoughts of the mysterious artist and the Langlois Bay painting, Jan eagerly chatted with a guest at the Atherton's party about her search for answers. It was then that Jan and this guest dashed next door to the Lazy Bowen Hideaway to view the painting. Was he familiar with this Langlois Bay viewpoint? Yes!

The next day, he took Jan by rowboat to the very spot, just north of the Mount Gardner Road government dock. To Jan's delight, the view matched the painting. There was little Flower Island in the centre, Hutt Island on its left and Mount Garibaldi in the distance. With that view in sight, and with turning back to look at the land, Jan had finally discovered Bowen Island's Langlois Bay.

Langlois Bay with Mt. Gardner in the distance.

But one answer continued to elude her: who was the Bowen Island artist that Thomas commissioned almost one hundred years ago? She'd never been able to decipher that signature.

At that time, unbeknownst to Jan, her sleuthing had stirred up yet another fortuitous connection. A woman by the name of Linda Froese was researching her family history and did an internet search for the Langlois surname. She came across a blog post written by Jan about "A beautiful summer vacation on Bowen." In this post, Jan had written about her newly acquired painting and that it was commissioned by Thomas Langlois. As luck would have it, Thomas was a cousin of Linda's grandmother, Alma!

Alma Morrison (Linda's Grandmother)
Alma picking fruit on Bowen Island
Linda contacted Jan to ask if the painting had a signature and offered that even if it wasn't signed, she had a strong hunch about who the artist was, and had even more information to share about the mystery of the Langlois Bay painting.

As it turned out, Linda was related to Thomas and of course to Lori, who had given Jan the illustrious painting. Jan introduced Linda of northern British Columbia to Lori of Southern California via email. It is a small world with no boundaries after all, especially on Bowen Island.

Much storytelling ensued. More Bowen Island history surfaced for Jan and light was shed on the secretive identity of the artist Thomas had commissioned to paint his Langlois Bay.

Linda's grandmother, Alma, had grown up on Bowen after moving from Detroit. Thomas, being Alma's cousin, was raised in her household. They were both friends with Mack Eastman from their childhood in Detroit, who visited her family on the island. Mack married Antonia Larribe Eastman, a painter who trained in Paris and who most certainly painted the scene for Thomas.

Center is Antonia and right is Mack Eastman

Linda mentioned that Mack's grandson, Charles McNeill, owns a property on Bowen and might it be the Langlois Bay waterfront property? Jan called Charles in New York to introduce herself and to share all the synchronicity revolving around the painting, her meeting Linda Froese (sounds like rose), and might his grandmother be the artist? Was Charles the link to solving the mystery artist? Jan, Linda and Charles arranged a meeting on Bowen and were delighted to discover their interconnections, all starting with the painting of Langlois Bay.

Charles Ian McNeill traveling to Bowen Island.

That's how Jan and Charles met, and later formed a partnership where Jan would manage the two vacation rentals on his family's property. The Eastman properties were likely part of the land holdings sold by Thomas T. Langlois but the location is actually a few lots south of Langlois Bay, on the other side of the Mt. Gardner dock.  Did Mack, Antonia, and Alma arrange these new friendships from the other side? 

Charles McNeill (right) with his sister and brother,
at the Eastman Waterfront Retreat

Charles McNeill writes about his family history, the property, and Antonia's art in the Eastman Waterfront Cottage:
Painting by Antonia Larribe Eastman
"Most of the paintings in the cottage were done by my grandmother, Antonia Larribe Eastman, born and raised in Paris, and a highly accomplished painter who studied with Fernand Léger. The furniture was also painted by hand by Antonia.

Antonia's work influenced by Fernand Leger
My grandfather, Samuel Mack Eastman, discovered this spot on Bowen Island in 1918 when he came to recuperate from an injury sustained in World War I while serving in Canada's army. He liked it so much that he bought this acre of oceanfront property for $300 that same year! Mack and his wife Antonia built a cabin here and my mother, Isabelle, spent her early summers here from the 1920s on, and all of the summers of her later years. This was my mother's favourite spot on Earth. The new cabin was built around 1950 and continues to serve us well.

Painting by Antonia Larribe Eastman
The Eastman Waterfront Cottage was passed down to me and my wife Joan. We bought the property next door and built the first certified Platinum green home on the island in 2009. Now, we have a spectacular modern retreat and a vintage cottage, both popular Bowen Island waterfront vacation rentals."

Painting of the first Eastman cabin, by Antonia Larribe Eastman

Escape from Hawaii: Why We Come Back to Bowen Island

Posted: Thu Feb 23 20:37:00 UTC 2017

With every new guest who stays with us at Bowen Island Accommodations, we hope they come to love Bowen Island as much as we do. So when guests return for another stay, we delight in knowing that they do feel this way.

But when return guests make the trip from lovely Hawaii to Bowen, then we're really curious.

Brett and his family are staying this spring for their second time at the Lazy Bowen Hideaway, and have kindly taken the time to tell us about what makes Bowen Island special to them (enough to leave their tropical paradise for our temperate one).

Brett & family on the ferry to Bowen Island

BIA: Why do you and your family come to Bowen Island? Especially considering, you live in Hawaii! And many of us here would love to have a warm winter or spring vacation there.

Brett: We usually come during spring break (yes, there are also "seasons" in Hawaii), which is in March.  It is our alternative island as a getaway and hideaway from anything Americana, especially in these days, to enjoy the majestic landscape of British Columbia.  Also, when we are on an island, we are much more refrained from just getting behind the wheel and driving all day, which defeats the purpose of a relaxing vacation.

Exploring rain forest trails at Killarny Lake.

BIA: What's your favourite thing to do here? What's your kids' favourite thing to do here?

Brett: Absolutely nothing. But if we do venture out, a stroll or jog around Killarney Lake is a must. My wife loves visiting the quaint local shops and farms, plus the museum. My kids often think they are on the Thomas the Train island (Sodor) from the cartoon show, although the ferry terminal is a good substitute. Otherwise, they just play in nature, from skipping rocks to looking for wildlife. Before I forget, we can not overemphasize how friendly the locals have been, and we hope we are doing the same, welcoming visitors in Hawaii.

Family time in the forest

BIA: Any favourite activities off-Bowen that you do on your way up, or as a day trip?

Brett: We usually spend a few days in Whistler. We can not imagine a day trip from Bowen Island. Why would we want to leave unless we have to?

BIA: Any unexpected surprises during your last trip (good or bad)?

Brett: Can't think of anything bad...although I do get nervous sometimes about not being able to get on a ferry when the line is long.

BIA: What's your favourite place to eat on Bowen, or do you cook at the Hideaway?

Brett: We usually do takeouts (Ruddy Potato) or buy produce to cook at home.

BIA: Why did you choose Bowen Island Accommodations / Lazy Bowen Hideaway?

Brett: It has everything we imagined in a rustic seaside cottage, and more (the modern conveniences...). Jan has been very responsive and takes excellent care of the property with a designer's touch.

Skipping rocks at Eagle Cliff Beach,
with the Lazy Bowen Hideaway in the background.

BIA: Any recommendations for folks new to vacationing on Bowen Island (preparations, things to do, places to go, what to bring)?

Brett: We are selfish in that we want Bowen Island to be a "hidden" destination, like the many places we wish the tourists had yet to discover in Hawaii. Other than being prepared for the colder weather, I would say the best Bowen Island experience is not to have a to-do-list: there are only so many roads, but the trails will lead the visitors to wonderful memories.


Thanks so much for taking the time, Brett. We love to hear from returning guests about what makes Bowen Island special to them!

Do you have a special connection with Bowen Island as a vacation spot, and would you like to share your story? Click here to email us - we'd love to hear from you!

Art Galleries of Bowen Island

Posted: Tue Feb 21 19:16:00 UTC 2017

Bowen Island is an island of artists. We have shows, arts events, paint nights, theatre productions for both adults and children, music events, and more. In the visual arts, we have enough galleries to fill your day or weekend visit. Some are small, in private homes, and others have regular hours for the public.

Here is a list of galleries to check out (see websites for hours):

  • Bowen Island Arts Council: The Gallery @ Artisan Square. Juried & open shows. 589 Artisan Lane. (604) 947-2454. (New Cove Commons building location for Autumn/Winter 2017, in Snug Cove)
Bowen Island Arts Council,
Gallery @ Artisan Square

ArtsPacific Gallery

  • Gilt Gallery (Artisan Square). David & Holly Graff, gilded glass, paintings, installations. 555 Prometheus Place. 604-618-1409.
Copper & Gold Vases,
by Holly & David Graff
(Gilt Gallery)

  • Juniper Studio Gallery (Artisan Square). Vikki Fuller, oil paintings. 582 Artisan Lane. 778-888-9640
Nuit Bleu by Vikki Fuller
(Juniper Studio Gallery)

Mugs by Jeanne Sarich
(Cloudflower Clayworks)

  • The Sign Studio (Artisan Square). A shop specializing in hand-painted and wood signs; with displays of paintings by Jane Dunfield, Diane Buchanan, Reidun van Kervel, Coral Louie and others. 571 Artisan Lane. 604-947-9803
by Coral Louie

  • Fotofilmic//Pulp Gallery (Snug Cove). International film-based and analogue photography. 461 Bowen Island Trunk Road. 
Fotofilmic//Pulp Gallery
in Snug Cove

Thunderbird by
Simon Winadzi James
(Kolus Art Studio)

  • Coastal Patterns Gallery (West side). Gregg Simpson, abstract & surrealist art. By appointment. 897 Windjammer Road. 604-947-9408
Paintings by Gregg Simpson
(Coastal Patterns Gallery)

  • Venture West Native Arts (Deep Bay).  Authentic BC Native artworks, various artists. By appointment. 472 Melmore Road. 778-839-8754. Often has a table on Sundays at the Summer Market (marina lawn). 
Venture West Native Arts
(home gallery)

  • Bowen Island Metalworks (Snug Cove). Stacy Beamer, Daniel Waefler. Metal sculpture, furnishings. 1101 Miller Road. 604-309-1058. If the red door is open, pop in! Otherwise, call for appointment.
Garden Gate by Stacy Beamer
(Bowen Island Metalworks)

Other places to buy and view art & crafts:
Vendors at the
Seaside Marketplace
(USSC marina lawn)

Farmers' Market at the
Bowen Island Community School

Shop from home for Bowen arts at these two sites as well:

For theatre, dance, and other performance arts, see our Events page, as well as Tourism Bowen Island.

March is Magic on Bowen Island

Posted: Tue Feb 07 18:30:00 UTC 2017

March is magic on Bowen Island. It's the liminal space between a frozen winter and the hope of spring. The earth begins to waken, and so do we, as the scents and sights change all around us.

In this time of in-betweenness, a vacation away can be both a last chance for introspection, and a first step into opening up the soul for the new year.

As the tail end of winter  draws to a close, take this last chance to curl up with a book by the fire without feeling the guilt of wasting a beautiful day. A vacation away can be one last time for enjoying "hygge" with family during Spring Break (the popular Danish concept for the quality of cozy contented togetherness), by playing board games and watching movies after an afternoon of beach combing—things you may have pictured doing at Christmas, but were too busy cooking, cleaning, and shopping to make happen. Enjoy it now, before summer camps and good weather draw us all out and away from the house.

At the same time, it's also the first chance to truly enjoy the outdoors, as the rains abate and the sun makes it's 2017 debut.

Daffodils at the Lazy Bowen Hideaway

Our eyes revel in the daffodils, the crocuses, the first of the spring blooms. Pops of colour echo our yearning for vibrance after the dull greys of winter. On Bowen Island, enjoy the flowering bulbs planted by the Garden Club all throughout Snug Cove. Hiking here is at its best — the weather is mild, but not too hot, and the trails are still quiet before summer. The crowds are far off still, while you idle in coffee shops and search for groceries to make your favourite meal. This is your chance to experience Bowen Island as the locals do in the off-season, before the summer rush, but with the best spring weather.

Crippen Park. Photo by Davina Haisell

In this time of sneaky sun beams peaking through the clouds, fresh mists, and surprise sunsets, celebrate the awakening of soul by connecting with nature on Bowen Island. Only in spaces where there are trees, water, blooms, and fresh air all around can we truly appreciate the spiritual nature of this transitional time of year, and take the time to honour our physical and spiritual connection to this magical season.

To book your Bowen Island March vacation, have a look at our rental properties here, and do contact us if you need any vacation planning guidance.

Farewell Hollybarry Cottage, Hello Evergreen Cottage

Posted: Thu Dec 29 20:46:00 UTC 2016

The Hollybarry Cottage has seen thousands of guests enjoy themselves during its two-decade life as a vacation rental home on Bowen Island, BC. If its walls could speak, they'd tell of multi-generation family vacations, wedding weeks, bachelorette weekends, guys' getaways, BFFs' playing boardgames, and solo retreats by the fire.

Alas, change happens, and starting in 2017 the Hollybarry will begin a new life as a home for long-term renters.

Jean Cleator managed her cottage for many years, then passed it on to her adult children to run. Holly and Barry, the siblings for whom the cottage is named, have written, "This was not an easy decision as we enjoyed having guests from near and far stay at the cottage, some of whom returned for many years. A heartfelt thanks to all our guests for sharing with us the peaceful and natural beauty of Bowen Island."

We at Bowen Island Accommodations have enjoyed managing the Hollybarry Cottage since January 2014, on behalf of and in partnership with the Cleator family.  It has been a very busy accommodation and always in demand for families and friends, hosting from 2-6 guests at a time.

For those looking for similar vacation rental opportunities on Bowen Island, starting this autumn 2016 Bowen Island Accommodations added the Evergreen Cottage to its collection of quality homes for short-term rental. Like the cozy Hollybarry Cottage, this Lindal Cedar built home, Evergreen Cottage, sleeps 2-6 guests as well with three bedrooms. It also has easy parking, a large deck with a gorgeous water view, and is close to Snug Cove, hikes, and beaches. 

Besides the new Evergreen Cottage, we of course have the much-loved Lazy Bowen Hideaway and Lazy B Waterfront Suite in the Eaglecliff neighbourhood just down the road from the Hollybarry Cottage. If you love Eaglecliff Beach and views of the North Shore this property is perfect, whether you rent the Whole House for your party of eight, just the Lazy Bowen Hideaway for your small group, or the Lazy B Waterfront Suite for your personal retreat.

We also continue to proudly represent the Eastman Waterfront Retreat and Eastman Waterfront Cottage in the Mount Gardner neighbourhood, one a modern Platinum Green award winning home, the other a quaint seaside log cabin.

Please see our table below to find the vacation rental that best suits your needs, and go to to book.

We would like to thank the Cleator family for the opportunity to manage their lovely property and wish them and the new Hollybarry Cottage home all the best for 2017 and beyond. And most of all, thank you, our Bowen Island Accommodation guests for building your family and life memories with us for twenty years at the Hollybarry Cottage and at all our properties.


Why Firewood Doesn't Grow on Trees

Posted: Tue Dec 27 02:48:00 UTC 2016

Image result for bowen island forest

You've made your winter getaway plans to our little tree-covered Bowen Island. You've read through the Welcome Guide, which mentions you'll be getting four logs per night to make a cozy fire... Wonderful! You feel warmer already as you picture lazing by a crackling fire all day and night. Until you realize that four logs won't last all day and night…

While we would love to fulfill your wishes for unlimited wood, and even though we're surrounded by trees, simple economics prevents us from doing that. We'd like to take a minute to explain why, as well as offer you some tips for planning ahead to ensure your stay is as cozy as you'd like it to be.

Wood is the Price of Gold

The short story is that firewood is extremely expensive on Bowen Island, whether it's harvested here or brought over from the mainland.

In the summer, delivery, splitting, and stacking costs us $680.00 for a true cord of dry hardwood, plus $80.00 for our kindling supply, per property. At the Lazy Bowen Hideaway and the Lazy B Waterfront Suite, we have the storage capacity for a cord and a half. If we needed to re-supply with another cord in the winter, that price would go up to $800.00, if any were to be available. (It's common for none to be available come January). So our summer wood stock is meant to last 7 months for all our guests' enjoyment.

In addition, during the off-season, our rental rates are at their lowest and yet our costs for renting our properties are at their highest. In the darker, colder part of the year, we all use more power for lighting and heating. So carefully managing our costs in all categories is how we continue to offer quality, clean, and well maintained vacation rentals to our guests.

Fires are not necessary to heat the properties, as all have modern heating systems. They are a lovely treat to be treasured while you sip a beverage and relax by the meditative flames.

Solving Guests' Wood Woes

We understand that our guests are excited about the opportunity to have a real fire, as wood-burning fireplaces are being banned in the city and even for new construction on Bowen Island. If you're booked at one of our properties that have a fireplace, (the Lazy Bowen Hideaway, the Lazy B Waterfront Suite, or the Eastman Waterfront Retreat), and you're dismayed by the limited wood supply, we have a few solutions.

Bring firewood from off-island. You're welcome to purchase additional dry, seasoned firewood and kindling before arriving on Bowen Island, to burn all day long. It's often sold at supermarkets, gas stations, and home hardware stores, but unfortunately, not on Bowen. (Please make sure it's split small, as we don't supply axes).

Purchase additional bundles from us.
As a convenience, we leave three extra wrapped bundles of wood for you to purchase at $20 per bundle (tax inclusive). This is pricier than on the mainland, but it includes the cost of wood and the labour to bundle it. The bundled wood has been a popular convenience for our guests since no other bundles are for sale elsewhere on Bowen. 

Build your fire efficiently. Make your fire last longer by building it efficiently, "upside-down." Click here to learn how.

Never gather wood from the local beach or trails. Wet or beach wood is to never be used as firewood as it deposits creosote in the chimney, creating dangerous burning conditions.

Savour the Fire. While expensive hotels may offer only one 3-hour log or set up only one evening fire, we offer 4 logs, kindling, and paper per night because we feel it's a treat that we want all of our guests to enjoy daily during the wood burning season. Let your fire be a reminder to savour and treasure the moment, and enjoy every minute of your stay. 

To book your vacation on Bowen Island, BC, head to 

Posted: Tue Dec 06 00:20:00 UTC 2016

❄️ Tips for Enjoying Snowy Bowen Island ❄️

Snow is gently falling here on our otherwise-green island. If you've booked a stay with us in snow season, there's no need to panic — in fact, the blanket of white will be a welcome prompt to relax once you get here, all you need is a little preparation.

First off, why we love a snowy Bowen Island:

  • Winter wonderland walks
  • An excuse to snuggle inside by the fire
  • Peace & quiet only a snowscape can create
  • Explore the great indoors - cook, craft, read, chat, nap...


But to really enjoy it, be prepared to make the best of this rare weather event, and use these tips to guide you through a snowy holiday away from it all.


Check the Weather

Knowing when the snow will come can help you plan ahead.
Will the snow hit while you're here? If possible, park closer to a main road, where plows will come. (However, parking right on the main road makes it hard for plows to operate).
Will it snow the night before you arrive? Then you may find not all roads are plowed yet, so after disembarking the ferry, grab a latte in Snug Cove while the roads are cleared to your vacation rental. See below for road report links.


Car Prep & Roads

Pack a shovel & gravel kitty litter, in case you find yourself in a jam. While snow tires are not required by law on Bowen, if you have them, use them. We don't recommend driving on any unplowed roads without snow tires, and even then, please use caution. 

If you're coming from afar, please remember that certain BC highways do require you to have winter tires from October 1 to March 31. Check the winter tire regulations in BC to see if your route requires them.

Always check Bowen Island road reports before planning your transportation to your rental. There are two places to check:
An independent road status site: 

If you do find yourself in need of assistance, our local tow truck operator (for BCAA) can be reached at (604) 947-4357. Leigh Auto (604-947-2222) are our trusty car repair folks, in case you should need further help with your vehicle.



Transportation Options

If you decide last-minute to leave your car at home or in Horseshoe Bay, not to worry, you have other transportation options: Transit, hitchhiking, walking, and Bowen Taxi (see our Transportation Page for more information on these options).


Trip Insurance

Because we have strict cancellation policies we always recommend trip insurance, which can help you deal with the unexpected (such as snowy roads), whether it's weather-related, medical, or something else altogether. (See specific policies for details). 

While we don't endorse any specific insurance provider, here are a few sites our guests have used in the past, to get you started finding a policy that works for you.
CSA Travel Protection:
Travel Guard:




Stock Up

If it looks like it will snow while you are here, remember to stock up on all your favourite food items and pastimes, as it may take the better part of a day for snow plows to get to your area (and for you to get to restaurants and out to explore).


Power Outages

Power outages may happen, and are usually fixed within a day, but you may want to prepare for this possibility ahead of time. While we encourage lazy snowflake-watching, why not bring a charged laptop with downloaded films, books, and board games? (We supply DVDs, board games, and books at the Lazy Bowen Waterfront Hideaway & Lazy B Waterfront Suite.)

All our properties have flashlights, candles, and a bottle of water supplied for emergencies, but it never hurts to bring more of your own.

And even if your side of the island is out of power, that doesn't necessarily mean the whole island has gone dark — often Snug Cove and all the great restaurants and stores there have power, even when the remoter areas don't. You can check BC Hydro's power outage statuses for Bowen Island at:



If we can assist you to prepare for your winter holiday, please don't hesitate to contact us. We love it here in winter ...and are certain you will too. Book at ❄️❄️❄️

December Fairs & Fun on Cozy Bowen Island

Posted: Fri Nov 18 02:40:00 UTC 2016

Although there's nothing wrong with booking a lazy-indoor-snuggle-by-the-fire type vacation (indeed we encourage this), don't overlook the fun community events that pop up like Christmas lights this time of year.


Show your loved ones you care by shopping local. Bowen is the fourth-artsiest community in Canada, so there's no excuse not to peruse the arts, crafts, and baking at these events.

Here early? Head to Collins Hall for the United Church Christmas Craft Sale on November 26 & 27, 12-4pm. This is a sweet market with knits, jewelry, and baking, and worth it just for a chance to check out the old church and adorable hall.

The following Sunday boasts our biggest craft-stravaganza, the Community School Association's Annual Craft Fair on December 4, 10am-3pm @ the BICS (elementary school) gym (for adult vendors) and upstairs (for younger vendors). Plan to spend at least an hour here, as there is a ton to look at. You could complete all your holiday gift shopping at this one event.

But if you've missed these to craft fairs, no problem, head to the BIAC Gallery at Artisan Square for their "It's a Wrap" show, November 24 - Dec 31, open Wednesday-Sunday 10am-5pm. This annual open-call show features many artists displaying 2D & 3D works for sale, as well as jewelry. While you're up there, cruise over to Arts Pacific Gallery for more quality works from Bowen artisans.


If you're in the mood for some heart-warming choral singing, the annual Ladies Madrigal Singers" Christmas Concert on December 2 and the Bowen Island Community Choir Winter Concert on December 10 are two shows locals love, and you will too.

Light Up Bowen on December 3 is a magical family event that begins in Artisan Square and ends in the lower cove, with lanterns, costumes, music, and many stops for warm drinks provided by local businesses. It ends with Santa disembarking the water taxi to greet the children.

For a more adult affair, purchase tickets for Martinis with Santa (A Retro Christmas Cocktail Party) at Doc Morgan's Pub on December 10th, a benefit for the Community School's Parent Advisory Council. 

Holiday Event Listing:

November 24 - December 31 It's a Wrap (Bowen Island Arts Council Gallery Hours: Wednesday to Sunday, 10am-5pm)
December 2 7:30 "Ladies Madrigal Singers" Christmas Concert @ Cates Hill Chapel
December 2 Jazz and Prime Rib night, Bowen Island Pub
December 3 6pm, Light Up Bowen @ Village Square
December 3 7pm Live Nativity @ Cates Hill Chapel
December 3 Bruce Coughland @ Doc Morgan's Pub
December 3 The Whiskey Dix perform @ Bowen Island Pub
December 4 The Community School Association's big, annual, Craft Fair in the Bowen Island Community School gym and Youth Craft Fair upstairs. (always on the first Sunday of December). 10-3pm gym/undercover area. 10-12:30. Youth Craft Fair and photos with Santa upstairs.
December 4 4-6pm Book launch: The Last Truth by Brian Thomas-Peter @ Bowen Island Arts Council Art Gallery
December 4 6pm The Christmas Violin, a family-friendly musical @ Cates Hill Chapel
December 7 10am-12pm Tumbling with Santa @ Bowen Island Community School Gym
December 10 2pm and 7:30pm Bowen Island Community Choir BICC winter (Christmas) concert
December 10 Martinis with Santa (A Retro Christmas Cocktail Party) at Doc Morgan's Pub
December 11 12-3:30pm Knick Knack Nook Kids-only Shopping Day
December 13 5:30-7:30 Evening of tastings @ Ruddy Potato
December 14 7pm "Carols by Candlelight" Bowen Island United Church Choir @ Little Red Church
December 16 Customer Appreciation Night with The Lawn Dogs @ BI Pub
December 17 12-5pm Holiday Fair in Artisan Square: Churros and hot dogs @ Artisan Eats; Kids craft table @ Artisan Office; Photos with Biker Santa; Roaming musicians
December 17 Community Christmas Party featuring Adam Woodall @ Bowen Island Pub
December 18 10:30am Pageant Sunday @ Little Red Church
December 31 New Year's Eve Party with Ginger 66 @ Bowen Island Pub
December 31 New Year's Eve Party @ Doc Morgan's


Posted: Mon Feb 29 03:52:00 UTC 2016

Guest Service Fees


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SAVE 3-10% 

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    We do NOT charge a "customer service fee" or a "service charge" for your booking when you book directly at our independant web sites. 

    Use Google Image Search to find a property's independant web site.  

    While on VRBO, HomeAway, Flipkey, TripAdvisor, or AirBnb hover over a vacation rental photo, right click,  and select "search google for image." This will give you a list of sites where this photo is posted and at least one will be the independant web page for that property. 

    Learn more about major listing site  "Guest Service Fees."