Bowen Island has many beaches, some easily accessible, others require some sleuthing to find. But even the most popular beaches are never too crowded to enjoy a picnic, a refreshing swim, or a lazy afternoon on a blanket, and all have spectacular views. Who needs Hawaii when you have beautiful BC?

All Bowen Island beaches range from pebbles mixed with sand to rocky mixed with boulders.  Be sure to pack beach shoes so you can comfortably walk along the pebbly or rocky shores.

Are Bowen Island beaches pet friendly? Yes, all beaches welcome well-behaving dogs with a few exceptions. The exceptions are noted below as the municipality restricts dogs on some beaches in July and August. At all times, please control your pets and pick up all waste.

In the high season we recommend that you check the municipal Alerts page for beach closures, found here. Due to high boat and geese activity, some beaches (particularly around Snug Cove) may be closed for swimming. For more municipal information about beaches, click here.

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Thank you to Raf Izdebski #bowen_life for the gorgeous beach photos.  Eaglecliff beach photo by Jan Stevens. 

Sandy Beach

(Snug Cove/Deep Bay/Mannion Bay)

  • Public access off Cardena Road
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Public toilet
  • Sandy with rocks & pebbles
  • Check swimming advisories in high season
  • North facing
  • Dogs not allowed July & August

Pebbly Beach

(Snug Cove/Deep Bay/Mannion Bay)

  • Public access off Senator Road
  • Pebbly with some sandy areas
  • Check swimming advisories in high season
  • Southeast facing

Cape Roger Curtis beaches

(West Side)

  • Public access to trail & beaches off of either Collingwood Lane, Roger Curtis Lane, or Lighthouse Lane, within The Cape development
  • Cape Roger Curtis Lighthouse off Lighthouse Lane
  • 45 minute return trail with beach access along the way
  • West-facing. Beautiful views to Vancouver Island and Sunshine Coast
  • A lovely evening picnic & sunset spot with evergreens & arbutus trees

Tunstall Bay

(West Side)

  • A pebbly/rocky swimming beach
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Public toilet
  • West-facing. Great sunsets
  • Dogs not allowed July & August

Bowen Bay

(West Side)

  • A pebbly/rocky swimming beach
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Public toilet
  • Southwest-facing. Quite good for sunsets
  • Dogs not allowed July & August

Eaglecliff Beach

(East Side)

  • Pebbly/rocky
  • Floating dock available to walk out on and swim off of, available May through September (arrival and removal dates depending on the tides)
  • Has a shallow cave
  • Public access via a steep staircase and dirt road off Eaglecliff Road
  • South-facing with morning and afternoon sun
  • Mountain views across to Lions Bay and Horseshoe Bay
  • Ferry waves washing the beach make for relaxing sounds and fun water play

Cates Bay Beach

(East Side)

  • AKA Captain Cates Beach
  • Access trail off Eaglecliff Road
  • Expansive pebbly beach looking northeast
  • East-facing

September Morn Beach

(East Side)

  • (Unofficial) clothing-optional beach
  • Access via steep trail from Hummingbird Lane
  • South & East-facing
  • Good exposure to morning/early afternoon light

Galbraith Bay Beach

(Northwest side)

  • Municipal Dock
  • Houses nearby
  • Faces north and west
  • Views to Hutt Island and Sunshine Coast beyond


Alder Cove Beach

(South side)

  • Just south of the golf course
  • A small beach with beautiful sand
  • Facing west
  • Ideal for families with small children

King Edward Bay Beach

(West side)

  •  In Bluewater neighbourhood
  • Smaller than Bowen Bay or Tunstall Bay beaches
  • Facing north-west

Seymour Bay Beach

(South side)

  • Just east of golf course
  • Facing east

Mother's Beach

(East side)

  • A little, sandy beach just off the northeast end of the Causeway (which is the "bridge" separating the sea from the lagoon, near Snug Cove)
  • Not recommended for swimming, but a favourite place for parents and their small children as it is nice sand and a small space